Converge is comprised of a diverse group of individuals seeking to inspire greater tolerance among religious communities. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds - both religiously and culturally - we represent a large body of young, curious-minded people constantly open to learning about the values of religions throughout the globe. Despite the differences within countries of origin, states, and religions, our team is holistically united with the objective of encouraging diversity within others' knowledge of religiosity. 


Discussion. Awareness. Action.

Through several initiatives, Converge strives to interlink the global community of religions - a mission devoted to combatting the religious ignorance that remains present within society. Converge Columns, a series of articles centered around religiosity, highlights the interactions between religion and interdisciplinary topics such as News, Entertainment, Life, Academia + Industry, and Art.  By providing a chance for our members to exhibit their perspectives on such theme, we hope to further educate others on current dilemmas that involve the lack of religious tolerance in today's modern world. Converge Chats, another initiative, embodies a collection of interfaith discussion podcasts dedicated to allowing people of all religions to obtain their voice. We spur informative dialogue regarding the present issues in society, along with the vital religious and cultural perspectives that manifest in current events. Create Converge encapsulates an entire realm of individuals who implement their creative, artistic, and driven nature abilities. By implementing these advocacy projects, Converge hopes to interweave the diverse span of religious communities throughout the globe.



Converge is a global media company that aims to provide a digital platform for interfaith discussion and awareness to minimize religious ignorance. The goal is to create a global community that is aware and accepting of other faiths, whether or not they have had direct contact with other faith groups.

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